• These are Sake? REALLY?! by Olivia & Cedric

    Expand your horizons! Take a deep dive into the wide world of Japanese sake with Kurara’s Sake & Shochu Sommeliers Olivia and Cedric, who’ll lead you through a surprise tasting of eight servings of sake in unconventional sake varieties/styles, served at different temperatures.

    Date: Sunday, 19 March 2023
    Time: 4pm to 5pm
    Venue: 10A Haji Lane
    Pricing: $60 nett per person

    Only 20 seats available!

  • RIEDEL Sake Glass Tasting by Jean Baptiste

    Experience the RIEDEL difference in this tasting session led by Mr Jean Baptiste, Vice-President of RIEDEL Asia. Taste 3 different sake using a trinity of exquisitely made RIEDEL glasses - the RIEDEL Vinum Daiginjo glass, RIEDEL Extreme Junmai glass and RIEDEL Veritas Champagne wine glass.

    Take home the RIEDEL glasses, worth $188 nett, after the session!

    Only 12 seats available.

    Date: Thursday, 23 March 2023
    Time: 6pm to 7.30pm
    Venue: 10A Haji Lane
    Pricing: $128 nett per person

  • Sake — Au Naturel by Sake Samurai, Elliot Faber

    Exactly what is natural sake? Is it unfiltered, unpasteurised, organic, or biodynamic? One thing is for sure, we can have just as much fun as Natural Wine maniacs at this Natural Sake masterclass! In this masterclass led by Sake Samurai Elliot Faber, taste 5 “minimal intervention” sake and decide for yourself what the true definition of Natural Sake is!

    Only 18 seats available.

    Date: Thursday, 30 March 2023
    Time: 6pm to 7.30pm
    Venue: 10A Haji Lane, S189203
    Pricing: $60 nett per person

Keep your eyes peeled for more intimate masterclasses conducted by our sommelier network in the lead-up to Sake Matsuri Singapore.

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