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Sake Matsuri Singapore

Sake Matsuri Trade Show

Sake Matsuri Trade Show

Singapore's first-ever sake-focused trade show. 

For the first time in its festival history, Sake Matsuri Singapore is prefacing its free-flow sessions with a trade show designed specifically for food and beverage trade professionals, signalling its intent to raise the level of sake appreciation in Singapore.

Date: Friday, 10 May 2024
Time: 11AM - 5PM 
Venue: F1 Pit Building, Garage (1 Republic Blvd, Singapore 038975)

Pre-registration is free, walk-ins are required to pay $50SGD

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Programme Highlights

Sharing Session

Non-Japanese Restaurant Thriving with Sake by Mr. Aaron Jacobson

Date: 10 May 2024
Venue: F1 Pit Building, Garage
Time: 12pm - 12:30pm

Discover how three-Michelin-starred Restaurant Zén not only embraces, but thrives with the exquisite art of sake.
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Sharing Session

Sake & Sustainability by President Kenichiro Kojima

Date: 10 May 2024
Venue: F1 Pit Building, Garage
Time: 1pm - 1:30pm
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Sharing Session

Honkaku Shochu: Japan's Best Kept Secret by Stephen Lyman

Date: 10 May 2024
Venue: F1 Pit Building, Garage
Time: 2pm - 2:30pm

Join author and podcaster Stephen Lyman for an exploration of Japan's indigenous spirit, Honkaku Shochu, and its older cousin, Ryukyu Awamori.
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Panel Discussion

The Future of Sake


• Janice Chi, Co-owner of Ishinomaki

• Adrian Goh, Director of Inter Rice Asia
• Ronald Kamiyama, Managing Partner of The Cicheti Group

• Elliot Faber, Sake Samurai & Co-founder of The Sake Company
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Please Note:

1. Sake Matsuri Trade Show is exclusively for trade professionals and relevant business visitors aged 18 and above.
2. To ensure that only eligible attendees gain access to the event, registration will be carefully reviewed by the Organiser.
3. If approved, you will receive a confirmation email within 4-5 working days, together with your pre-registration ticket.
4. ⁠For clarity, it is important to mention that the confirmation email and pre-registration tickets will not be sent to the general public, non-related professionals, students, and individuals below the age of 18.
5. Visitors who did not pre-register will be required to pay an admission fee of $50SGD to enter the trade show. Payments accepted are Visa, Mastercard and Amex only.
6. Please be aware that admission tickets are non-transferable. Registration or security personnel may request proof of identification before granting entry to the exhibition.
7. ⁠It is essential for all attendees to comply with the designated admission guidelines. Failure to do so may lead to removal from the venue.
8. The organiser reserves the right to ask for proof of identification from attendees for the purposes of verification.