June 2022 Festival Highlights

Sake Matsuri is Singapore’s premier sake festival, promoting sake appreciation through culture, craftmanship and lifestyle.

Created by sake lovers FOR sake lovers, the festival aims to raise the awareness and appreciation for craft sake. The upcoming edition will showcase more than 200 sake (and Japanese spirits), including seasonal releases, competition-winning sake as well as sake that have never been available in Singapore!

Whether you’re a sake aficionado or simply “sake-curious”, come learn and taste a wide range of sake from all over Japan. Choose from a range of elegant Junmai Daiginjo to Namazakes, umami styles made using ancient Bodaimoto and Kimoto type methods, as well as Japanese spirits. If you’ve liked what you’ve tried, we have created special dining areas so you can get a bottle or two and enjoy them with food from our booths. 

For the adventurous, we’ve also put in place a Blind Tasting Challenge (“Kikizake Taiketsu”), where you can put your palates to the test and win some awesome prizes!

In the lead-up to our main festival, keep a lookout for intimate masterclasses conducted by sake sommeliers where you can learn and exchange sake notes with some of the best in the business!

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